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) and is often associated with a variety of underlying disorders. (between the parietal and the.
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  • ) and is often associated with a variety of underlying disorders.
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    In contrast to cardiac tamponade, in which ITP is transmitted through the pericardium and inspiratory augmentation of venous return and right heart filling are intact, in constrictive pericarditis, the inelastic fibrocalcific pericardial shell.

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    Puncture of the vena cava or the heart is the least common as it is usually a consequence of using stiff and sharp catheters.

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    ACUTE POSTOPERATIVE CARDIAC TAMPONADE (defined as up to 7 days post-surgery)1 is an uncommon entity that requires prompt diagnosis and diligent management to avoid circulatory collapse and cardiorespiratory arrest.

  • In cardiovascular disease: Diseases of the pericardium.
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    T1 - Cardiac tamponade.