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Although ‘epics’ in RxJS are often described as ‘actions in, actions out’, there may be times when you need to ‘bail out’ of an action, or to just ignore the current one given some condition. Filtering operators: These are used to selectively emit values from an observable stream, based on certain conditions, using functions such as filter, take,.
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    My outer component pipes the observable asynchronously into an @Input with a setter so that the inner component gets it as a regular array.

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    Sep 20, 2018 · Part 1: Arrays.

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    Similar to the well-known Array.

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  • The pipe () function takes one or more operators and returns an RxJS Observable.
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    Outer component: <sales-history [salesHistory]="salesHistory$ | async"> </sales-history>.

  • Observable is for the consumer, it can be transformed and subscribed: observable.
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    An Observable is a Producer of multiple values, "pushing" them to Observers (Consumers).