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Apr 18, 2023 · The umbilical tape or Penrose drain may be used to retract the mobilized spermatic cord, but a hernia ring forceps can also be used. Place a gauze under the drain.
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  • If there is no cut in the gauze, use clean scissors to.
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    Penrose drain removal is one of t.

  • Store at high temperatures for short periods of time only; the natural ageing process is heat accelerated.
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    Use a bath blanket to cover any exposed area other than the wound.

  • Cardinal Health Wound Drain Catalog.
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  • If the neck of the hernia sac is particularly tight, the use of a grooved probe or dissector may help minimize injury to the contents.
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  • This helps to ensure that cleaning is done from the cleanest area of the wound site or drain site to least clean areas and does not contaminate the wound.
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